Whiskey in the morning

Music by Koha; lyrics by V.Komissarov

09.09.97 . 15 Ballantine whiskey, ..



My mom used to tell me: son, dont drink no wine

Cos its aint no fun

Cos booze can be bad its a poisoned knife

When you start to drink you aint got no life


Oh oh it aint fantasy

Oh oh I know cos Ive seen

Nightly mean of steal

Turned to dust by drink

Drink will make you rot.

Itll make you stink

This is what I think.


Whiskey in the mornin

Oy man, you got no brain

Whiskey in the mornin

Life goes down the drain

Whiskey in the mornin

Hangover will make you drink

Whiskey in the mornin

Oy man, you just can not think

And in booze you sink

You gotta break free.


One day well I just grew up

Started drinkin hard and I couldnt stop

I saw that my mom was right

Whiskey and myself man, we had a fight!


Oh oh, its been killin me

Oh oh, I just couldnt see

That each shot made ma rot and stink

If you dont watch out, youll be bossed by drink

This is what I think.