Bad loving bad deal

Music by Koha; lyrics by M.Applegate

09.09.98 .- , . .


I took her hand and all I heard was her laughter

She pulled me through a wall of light

And broken dust

Took a minute we were gone

Between the future and a place of here after

Where heavens meet the fires of hell

Blood turns to rust

She took me to a no mans land


It wasnt light it wasnt dark

Wasnt hot or cold

It wasnt hate it wasnt love

It wasnt new or old

It didnt feel like anything Id seen before

It wasnt here it was there

Just like an endless door.

Bad lovin has me on her bad of nails

Im runnin but she wont let go

Bad lovin I bought what she had for sale

Bad deal cuz now Im all alone


Then she took me to the water

Back into the longest of days where life was born

Never left so all along

And if the devil ever wanted a daughter

I know shed be the one hed want hed sell his soul

Shed make him feel like he was home