Angels of death

Music by Koha; lyrics by V.Komissarov

1989 . , . .


Hey, all you people that stiil have a dream

You, who can fly or believe to have wings,

You, who can rise over a vision of stale history.

Question is here, but the answers not clear

How come that Ive wasted so many years

Listen, wherever I go, theres a saying no.


Chorus: Hey, give way, we wanna live

Dont mess up the air we breath

Cause everyone meets in the end

The angels of death


I met some bastards, a merciless bunch

I saw them age, it did not matter much

This is a law and according to law we must go

Some years ago they were like you and me

Full of rebellion they fought to be free

Only the sign saying no made them stop on the road.