Music by Koha; lyrics by V.Komissarov

- , , . , 1989 , 9 .


Somehow I cant understand what it means

This empty place is a ruin, it seams

Why have I come?

Was I led by someone?

To my questions the answer is none

Here in this void, in this stuffy old dream

Thoughts about you are returning to me

Once more I fly

Like a shadow from light

Im a candle out in the night.


Chorus: Doesnt matter much if you will come or go

Deep inside my soul our love still has a home

Though the hearth ls cold and walls are weather worn

My faith lives in there

Know that I care

For you.


Footprints youre left are surprisingly clean

You are invisible standing so near

Girl, you took me home

Then left me alone

I dont know why the things went wrong